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If you work with ArcGIS and would like to add climate change effects to your toolbox, this is for you!

The SimCLIM for ArcGIS / Climate add-in enables ArcGIS users to produce spatial images of climate change through a quick, easy and straight-forward process. The add-in is based on 20 years of development of the standalone SimCLIM tool and uses outputs from global climate models, produced for the IPCC. The add-in allows for evaluating uncertainties stemming from different emission scenarios, different climate sensitivities and different climate change models. Both projections of future climate, and changes compared with the baseline climate can be produced.

The basic distribution covers the globe with precipitation, mean-min-max temperatures and sea surface temperature. It is possible to purchase other variables (wind speed, relative humidity and solar radiation) as well as down-scaled patterns for regional and national areas with much more detail than the global patterns.

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Annual licensing prices:

Full: $1000
Government, Educational and Research: $500
Student: $120

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Data packs: $79

Latest version:

Released: 25 November 2013