COVID-19 update (August 2021)

As of today (14 September 2021) CLIMsystems is respecting the COVID-19 National Emergency declared by the New Zealand Government and our office is open - with restrictions. All visitors must wear a mask and sign-in using the QR code app or physically sign-in. We will update our status on the next change in COVID level announcement for our region.

Stay well and stay strong. We can be contacted by e-mail and phone on +64 27 3169777.

News posting

Exciting New Seasonal Forecasting Capability for New Zealand

Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

After limited sales in 2014 CLIMsystems is happy to announce the wider public release of ExtendWeather Seasonal and Sub-Seasonal forecasts for New Zealand. Based around the recently updates CFSv2 global season and sub-seasonal forecasting data generated by NOAA CLIMsystems has worked its analytic magic through its team of highly qualified climate scientists to generate something never seen before in New Zealand - high resolution maps for precipitation, temperature and potential evapotranspiration deficit for the whole country updated every ten days and extending for three months. The subscription product extends to up to nine months and can include a wide range of other variables including wind and solar radiation. We can even generate data that can be integrated with your management and sectoral models that are driven by climate variables. There is even an extreme forecast index for the world for temperature and precipitation.

Visit the new site and access the very latest information. And contact us for additional seasonal and sub-seasonal data on sectoral areas such as energy and civil engineering, agriculture, viticulture and horticulture and urban water and forestry. The team at CLIMsystems looks forward to serving your needs in these critical seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasting areas.

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