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USAID Downscaling Publication References CLIMsystems Science

Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014

USAID recently released an important review document of dynamical and statistical downscaling. It is a very well written document that does an excellent job of summarising the pluses and minus of various downscaling approaches. It is a very accessible with excellent graphics and useful summary tables. Dr. Chonghua Yin of CLIMsystems has his work referenced in the publications.

If you have any questions on downscaling techniques please contact CLIMsystems. We will provide a clear and unbiased opinion of what approach would be best for your project. We also have excellent networks among the downscaling facilities around the world and can help you source data. Our software systems can use virtually any downscaled data therefore making it highly applicable for risk and adaptation assessments.

You can download the USAID report here:

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