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Visit CLIMsystems at the Esri UC in San Diego July 8th to 11th

Posted: Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3rd, 2013 - CLIMsystems Ltd is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art climate adaptation and change risk assessment tools and services to a wide range of clients. They will be launching the new SimCLIM for Arc GIS/Marine to accompany the SimCLIM for Arc GIS/Climate solution on July 8th, 2013, at the Esri® User Conference in San Diego, CA.

Climate adaptation is increasingly recognised as a factor to be considered across sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, water resources, marine, conservation, biodiversity and disaster risk management. CLIMsystems wishes to put the knowledge, capability and climate-proofing capacity in your hands for conducting climate change risk and adaptation assessments. CLIMsystems is proud to announce the release of the two new data sets and a new toolbar for ArcGIS® Desktop. To follow on the successful launch of the SimCLIM for ArcGIS/Climate add-in earlier this year CLIMsystem announces SimCLIM for ArcGIS/Marine add-in. After extensive testing and end user review the new marine climate adaptation add-in is available in July 2013.

The new add-in includes nine key ocean variables:

  • sea surface temperature
  • pH
  • primary production
  • total alkalinity
  • dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, iron and silicate.

Baselines and general circulation model data is all derived from the most recent CMIP5 global models. The new marine add-in also includes the capacity for ensemble application and the 2.6, 4.5, 6.0, and 8.5 representative concentration pathways (RCPs). The tool and datasets represent a revolution in the provision of climate change marine data for a range of end users. Climate change and adaptation is impacting on the management of marine resources. The tool SimCLIM for Arc GIS/Marine ready to handle this uncertainty is now within the grasp of Esri Arc GIS® users.

The current SimCLIM for ArcGIS/Climate add-in has also been upgraded to include ensemble capabilities for the Unites States. Bias corrected, statistically downscaled data derived from the latest CMIP5 models with four RCPs is now available for the continental USA and as individual US states. It includes the variables of precipitation and minimum, mean and maximum temperature. Users have described SimCLIM for Arc GIS/Climate as an “easy to use tool which supports rapid integration of prospective scenarios. The creation of scenarios becomes much less time consuming which optimizes research costs and enhances our current capacity to achieve. In our industry, the greatest benefit would be for the GIS analyst supporting ecological studies.”

CLIMsystems can be visited during the Esri® UC 2013 in San Diego from July 8th to 11th at the Environment Showcase (Hall C) at booth V1424, in the Map Gallery Upper Level in the Sails Pavilion on Monday the 8th from 3:30 to 8:00 pm, in their presentation in the Demo Theater of the Environment Showcase (Hall C) on Tuesday 9 July at 11:15 am and at the Paper Session Climate Change - Analysis and Adaptation on the Upper Level in Room 23C on 9 July at 8:30 am.

CLIMsystems, established in 2003, has an impressive international footprint delivering innovative climate modelling tools backed by high quality data processing capabilities. The science underpinning the models is supported by a prestigious scientific advisory panel of preeminent climate change scholars. The extensive network of Associates located around the world and affiliated with a range of stakeholder groups further strengthens the commitment and capacity for CLIMsystems to deliver high quality products and services for climate adaptation and risk assessment.

For more information on CLIMsystems products and services visit: or
SimCLIM for Arc GIS/Climate Free Trail version and data sets are available from

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