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CLIMsystems ties-up with Waikato Innovation Park

Posted: Monday, February 8, 2010

In Q4 of 2009 Derek Fairweather who is the CEO of Waikato Innovation Park approached CLIMsystems. The Innovation Park and one of its fast developing enterprises Dairy SolutioNZ were looking for insights regarding weather and climate risks for potential off-shore property acquisitions. CLIMsystems responded with a one hour presentation to the key figures in Waikato and New Zealand agriculture sponsored by Waikato Innovation Park. Derek’s response to the presentation was telling “We loved what you have done . . . impressed, and it doesn’t happen that often”. Negotiations between CLIMsystems and Waikato Innovation Park continued and in early 2010 CLIMsystems and Waikato Innovation Park agreed to work together on projects of mutual interest. CLIMsystems formally joins approximately 50 other companies working under the Waikato Innovation Park umbrella. To date CLIMsystems has assisted with various levels of assessment for areas in Pakistan, Russia and Malaysia. A recently signed joint venture between Waikato Innovation Park and Emirates Investment Group will boost the profile and augment the activities of Dairy SolutioNZ and CLIMSystems.

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