This web app, for tablets and desktop web browsers, combines a recently released ensemble of sea level rise models with global datasets for vertical land movement.

The app was developed for the Esri Global Disaster Resilience App Challenge that was promoted in collaboration with UNISDR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction). It shows a global map of the combined processes of local (absolute) sea level rise and local vertical land movement. The sea level rise values are taken as the median value of an ensemble of 28 GCMs, under the assumption of the largest greenhouse gas emissions as described by the RCP8.5 scenario in AR5. It also assumes a high climate sensitivity.

The vertical land movement values were generated from direct observations of continuous GPS (Global Positioning Systems; the SONEL program), and from trend analysis of tidal observations (the PSMSL program).

When a location is clicked on the map, the App shows a ruler with five future years (2020, 2040, 2060, 2080 and 2100), the sea level rise at these years compared to the baseline year of 1995 (in cm), the local Vertical Land Movement (in mm/year), and the variation over the months (in cm).

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