This web app for smart phones, tablets and desktop web browsers combines a recently released ensemble of sea level rise models with global datasets for vertical land movement

Sea levels around the world are rising. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase with resulting changes in air and ocean temperatures. As the planet warms the oceans' water's expand. This is known as 'thermal expansion'. Meanwhile many land-based glaciers are melting at an increasing rate. The result is for many parts of the world increasing sea levels. In some places the rate of sea level is exacerbated by the sinking of the land while in others land is rising and this can slow and even keep pace with rising seas.

Access to complex climate model outputs for informed decision making is the role of CLIMsystems. This app is designed to begin discussions at the local level where sea level rise could have a profound impact on society.

Explore and comment. Please read the extensive information on the methods used in creating the app and especially the other work that can be done to extend the information presented by this app.

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