SimCLIM, now with the latest AR6 data sets, is designed to facilitate the assessment of risks from climate change for sustainability officers, consultants, policy makers, students, teachers, researchers, and non-governmental and governmental organizations.

New Features

Just some of the new features:

  • Work with AR6 and AR5 data
  • Manage multiple sets of data with the new Project Manager
  • Explore maps with new mapping tools
  • Support for new data types, including online datasets

What you can do with SimCLIM

  • Spatial scenarios (user chosen year, emission scenario, climate sensitivity, and GCM)
  • Site specific scenario (given location, emission scenario, climate sensitivity, and GCM)
  • Site specific sea level rise (with/without vertical land movement)
  • Site data (import, browse, analytics)
  • Extreme events (analytics, with/without climate change)
  • Supports ensembles of GCMs

What models can you develop?

  • Rain water tank (site specific)
  • Water balance (spatial)
  • Coastal erosion (site specific)
  • Degree day (site specific & spatial)

SimCLIM: Labs

SimCLIM: Lab is a special version of SimCLIM for exclusive deployment in University computer labs. Get in touch today to find out more.

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