COVID-19 update (February 2022)

CLIMsystems is respecting the COVID-19 Red Signal declared by the New Zealand Government and our office is open - but with restrictions. All visitors must wear a mask and sign-in using the QR code app or physically sign-in. We will update our status on the next change in COVID level announcement for our region.

Stay well and stay strong. We can be contacted by e-mail and phone on +64 27 3169777.

Services: Tool Development

  • CLIMsystems has rich experience in tool and software development using multiple programming languages to develop new climate-related applications according to a customers’ specific requirements
  • Some examples: SimCLIM, UrbanCLIM/GENIES, Drought Monitoring Tool, Extreme Event Analysis Tool and Perturbation Tools to link with other models which directly convert climate change information compatible with third party models

For more information, please download the full documentation