Services: Corporate Climate Risk Management

Benefits of reporting - Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

  • Increased transparency for shareholders, clients and the public
  • Identifying how an organization can cope with threats arising from climate change
  • Highlighting the business opportunities available
  • Enhanced ability to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Benchmark against their peer group and showcase successes

Services we provide

  • Data subscription
  • Reporting disclosure
  • Climate risk intelligence
  • Climate risk management

The reporting process

  • Enterprise context: Understand organizational objectives and the external and internal environment
  • Identification: Find, recognize, and describe risk including sources, events, causes and consequences
  • Analysis: Comprehend the nature of risk and determine the level of a risk; determine the risk’s potential impact and likelihood
  • Evaluation: Compare the results of risk analysis with risk criteria to determine whether the risk is acceptable; prioritize risks
  • Responses: Modify the risk by either mitigating, avoiding, transferring or accepting the risk
  • Monitoring: Continually check the status of a risk to identify change from the performance level required
  • Reporting, disclosure and communication: Inform and engage in dialogue with stakeholders regarding the status of risks and their management

Data source systems

Climate Observations, Disaster and Risk Data, Seasonal Climate Forecast, Climate Change Projection Data; Socio-economic, Environmental Data