The official documentation contains information on how to setup and use CSLM. You can view help from within CSLM or you can view it online.


Q: What software is compatible with CSLM?
A: Currently, SimCLIM Desktop is the only product compatible with CSLM.

Q: What OS does CSLM server run on?
A: Windows Vista/Server 2008 or higher (including Windows 10). A version for macOS and Linux may be released in the future.

Q: How can SimCLIM be configured to use CSLM?
A: SimCLIM must be configured manually with a configuration file. The documentation explains how to do this. A future update will be released for SimCLIM to simplify this process.

Q: Can I use my standard Product Keys with CSLM?
A: No, the Product Keys CSLM uses are separate and must be obtained from CLIMsystems. Contact sales for more information. You may be eligible for free replacement keys for your current licenses.

Q: Does CSLM allow for "borrowing", allowing users to take their machines off-site?
A: No, this is not currently supported.

Q: Does CSLM run as a Windows Service?
A: Version 2.x (beta) runs as a Windows Service.

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