COVID-19 update (March 2021)

Part of New Zealand (Auckland City) recently moved to Level 1 COVID-19 notification with the rest of the country. It is company policy that at Level 1 CLIMsystems opens its office. The staff of CLIMsystems will still require all visitors to either scan the QR Code located at the entrance to the office or sign in if they do not have the tracing app loaded on their phone.

Stay well and stay strong. We can be contacted by e-mail and phone on +64 27 3169777.



The official documentation contains information on how to setup and use CSLM. You can view help from within CSLM or you can view it online.


Q: What software is compatible with CSLM?
A: Currently, SimCLIM Desktop is the only product compatible with CSLM.

Q: What OS does CSLM server run on?
A: Windows Vista/Server 2008 or higher (including Windows 10). A version for macOS and Linux may be released in the future.

Q: How can SimCLIM be configured to use CSLM?
A: SimCLIM must be configured manually with a configuration file. The documentation explains how to do this. A future update will be released for SimCLIM to simplify this process.

Q: Can I use my standard Product Keys with CSLM?
A: No, the Product Keys CSLM uses are separate and must be obtained from CLIMsystems. Contact sales for more information. You may be eligible for free replacement keys for your current licenses.

Q: Does CSLM allow for "borrowing", allowing users to take their machines off-site?
A: No, this is not currently supported.

Q: Does CSLM run as a Windows Service?
A: Version 2.x (beta) runs as a Windows Service.

Contact support

If you have questions or are having problems not covered by the documentation please contact us.