As an asset, city or sustainability manager you are likely to be asked what risk does climate change pose to our assets and city? How would you answer that question? You may not know where to start. It would involve knowing about complex climate models and finding other data and methods to appropriately process and apply the data for conducting a risk assessment.

CLIMsystems in collaboration with Ramboll Environ and Greenbizcheck have streamlined the process and has taken advantage of its considerable experience and expertise in climate change risk assessments to bring to market a superior product that allows for a rapid yet scientifically robust assessment of either site specific assets or cities. With costs kept to minimum, a level one risk assessment of temperature, precipitation, wind and sea level rise (or other critical variable) provides an excellent hotspot analysis of risks to either your asset or urban area.

A level one asset risk assessment may be all that is required. If more detail or a wider range of assets need to be assessed we can move to either a level two or three risk assessment or a completely customised approach that is tailored specifically to your needs.

We pride ourselves on a quality service at the right price. We can draw in sectoral experts as required. We can and do from time to time partner with world leading institutions in providing this service in certain geographies.

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