COVID-19 update (August 2021)

As of today (14 September 2021) CLIMsystems is respecting the COVID-19 National Emergency declared by the New Zealand Government and our office is open - with restrictions. All visitors must wear a mask and sign-in using the QR code app or physically sign-in. We will update our status on the next change in COVID level announcement for our region.

Stay well and stay strong. We can be contacted by e-mail and phone on +64 27 3169777.


CLIMsystems is supporting the Adaptation Atlas through the provision of high quality global climate model information and the algorithms and underlying data required for the comparing cities engine. Underlying climate information includes outputs from the latest CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project) PCMDI (Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison) Data Portal that has been post-processed for the Atlas. The data applied includes 40 General Circulation Models for temperature, 22 Daily General Circulation Models for extreme precipitation and 28 models for sea level rise. All of the methods and data applied are detailed in this website.

We also have provided an important service option for city mayors and sustainability managers and others in city and local government who are driving the process of adaptation - the City Risk Assessment Report. Prior to any adaptation planning a series of risk assessments should be conducted at various levels of detail. We have developed the methodologies for doing a rapid and cost-effective first assessment for any city. CLIMsystems can and will work with cities and in conjunction with its partners, including re:focus in achieving the best adaptation outcomes through the judicious application of science and decision making.

We look forward to your feedback as the Adaptation Atlas expands and evolves into a powerful analytical tool in its own right.