COVID-19 update (February 2022)

CLIMsystems is respecting the COVID-19 Red Signal declared by the New Zealand Government and our office is open - but with restrictions. All visitors must wear a mask and sign-in using the QR code app or physically sign-in. We will update our status on the next change in COVID level announcement for our region.

Stay well and stay strong. We can be contacted by e-mail and phone on +64 27 3169777.

What we do

Company overview

CLIMsystems and Associates has assembled an excellent team of climate change adaptation and risk assessment experts, with a combined experience of over 200 years with projects in over 50 countries. Six members of the extended team (Staff, Associates, and Science Advisors) are named in the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 and, as such, represent the strong scientific underpinning of the CLIMsystems suite of data products, software and services.

Team members are registered in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) National Communications Support Programme (NCSP) Roster of Experts and our products and services are recognized by the UNFCCC Nairobi Work Programme. CLIMsystems maintains an impressive list of international associates and a scientific advisory panel Chaired by Emeritus Professor Tom Wigley of NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research).

CLIMsystems Data Services

  • Defensible: scientifically robust, up to date, and cross validated.
  • Actionable: provide climate and derived analysis results fit for purpose for adaptation planning and engineering projects.
  • Legitimate: follow the conventions, guidance and standards of international and country specific, scientific and engineering communities.
  • Wide range: provide high resolution and wide range of climate related data obtained through partners and the data mining of respected sources.

Software and Training

  • designs, develops and markets advanced, user-friendly software systems for assessing impacts from and adaptation to climate variability and change.
  • software licenses and associated training services, technical assistance and coaching to a range of national and local governments, planners, educators, students, international agencies, private consultants and companies throughout the world.
  • country specific, full semester graduate and master degree climate change course, customised to country tertiary curriculum systems; customized training package with software and data; one to one coaching for PhDs and professionals.

Integrated Adaptation Solutions

  • Whether the problem is large or small, straightforward or complex, we have the full-service solution and experience to deliver the an-swers you need to move forward.
  • Early engagement for problem identification, co-design, co-production and co-delivery.
  • Practical coaching and communication with spe-cific software and data by international experts.
  • Coordinated and comprehensive concerns with different sectors and among project.
  • Alignment with international and national con-ventions and standards.
  • High quality data, analysis and visualization.

Premier Projects

Bengaluru Water and Waste Water Master Plan - Support for master planning through client interaction to define key climate risk components. Modelling of extreme events; drought and rainfall, both spatially and site specific, assess intensity, duration and frequency for short term rainfall events with high impacts. All this work is conducted using the latest CMIP5 daily and sub-daily data.

Miami Dade Ocean Outfall Legislation Project - The County of Miami-Dade in Southeast Florida needed to redesign and build new waste and storm water infrastructure to effectively end ocean outfalls. CLIMsystems provided expertise in modelling of sea level rise and wind patterns as well as extreme rainfall. Staff and Expert Panel members presented results in-person to the Miami-Dade County Water & Sewer Department.

FIFA World Cup 2022 - CLIMsystems has played a pivotal role in effectuating change in the delivery of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The team were brought in immediately after the awarding on the event to the Emirate of Qatar. Using the latest CMIP5 data extreme temperature, heat index and wind modelling was conducted as well as the creation of design weather files.

What’s on - We are working on projects around the world using cutting edge science and technologies for climate change adaptation; providing seasonal climate forecasts for global and customized areas with innovative indicators and visualization; working with collaborators to develop and apply scientifically robust approaches to fulfil a common vision of adaptation and climate resilience.

Contact us for details or to discuss your product, service and data needs.