Activity: zooming in on graphs

Return to the graph. We will now explore how to zoom in on particular parts of the graph.

Click on the top right corner of the graph so that the graph will fill the entire display window.

Click on the zoom in/out icon on the toolbar .

After clicking on the zoom in icon left click in the graph and drag and release the mouse button over the area you wish to zoom in on.

Note: This can be a tedious and frustrating endeavour (it is the nature of the application used to graph these outputs). Be patient!

If you do not achieve the desired result simply click on the zoom out button and you will return to the default full view where you can try again.

The zooming function can be handy if you choose to highlight only one component of the graph for a report or presentation.

How to save a zoomed in view . . .

You cannot ‘save to file’ a zoomed in view but you may wish to export   if for use in a report or PowerPoint presentation.