Using the Site Specific Marine Scenario Generator

The steps below will guide you through the use of the Site Specific Marine Scenario Generator.

  1. Make sure the Marine Data Set (Global_OCNBGC) has been selected from the Area Drop Down in the main SimCLIM 4.x window.

  2. Click the Site Specific Marine Scenario Generator icon on the toolbar.

  3. Specify the Marine variable of interest. By default, all patterns and months will be automatically selected. A scenario map will be generated (be patient as the global ocean model data is accessed - three animating dots in the map area indicate the map is still being generated) and will be displayed in the map area when complete.

  4. Update other scenario options (Patterns, Months, Curve i.e. RCP) as required. Use the Patterns drop-down to specify Low and High percentile values if would like those to be included in the results.

  5. Use the Data points section to define one or more data points of interest. Click the Add button to specify a location by latitude/longitude or click a location on the map to quickly add a point to the data point list. Data points can be named for easy identification. To modify a data point, select it in the list and click the Edit button. Use the Load set and Save set buttons to re-use a set of data points.

  6. Click "Load (monthly)" or "Load (yearly)" to produce results for each added data point. The below screen capture shows a results window for the "Load (yearly)" action for three data points with 25th and 75th percentile values specified.