Introduced in SimCLIM, replacing the View Pattern tool.

The Pattern Viewer allows you to view monthly pattern files in image format. Apart from simply viewing the pattern files, it also contains features that allow you to compare patterns files between patterns and months.

Please note: the Pattern Viewer is available in Grid format.

From the main SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop window select the work-area that contains the pattern files you would like to view. Click on the Pattern Viewer icon in the Scenario Generator toolbar and the Pattern Viewer Grid window will be displayed:

Select the Climate Variable (e.g., Temperature, Precipitation, Wind) from the Climate Variable drop down list. The grid will fill with all months that are available.

You can now click any one of the month links (J, F, M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O, N, D) and clicked pattern will be displayed in a new Image Window.

If the "Re-use image window" check box is checked it will make all pattern images open in the same Image Window.

Sync display

When the "Sync display" check box is checked you will find it easier to visually compare different patterns.

When this is checked the MIN and MAX values of each opened pattern are remembered and applied when a new pattern image is opened. If a new pattern being opened has a higher MIN value than the previous opened pattern the lower pattern value will be used when generating the image output. The same applies to pattern MAX values, where the higher value is always used.

This allows a more comparable palette to be used when a number of patterns files have been opened. Click on the Modify button and manually enter the MIN and MAX values to be used.

If this is not checked each open window uses its own MIN and MAX value, meaning direct visual comparison of the images is not as effective.