Standardising Legends for Comparative Purposes

With two or more images open that have been generated using the same criteria (study area, variable, time frame (months, year)) but different scenario criteria we will standardise the legends for easy visual comparison.

It can be advantageous to minimise images before you begin but this is optional.

After minimising (if you have chosen to do so) click on the Sync Images tool from the toolbar.

It is important to link the image with greatest temperature (for example) with those of lesser temperature. If you fail to do this the results will not be satisfactory.

Typically your image with the latest date (2075 over 2025) will become your new base from which other images will be linked.

Select Image 1 and then a second image to be standardised to the legend of the first image.

If you have more than two images open proceed to link the third image to the first image by placing the image in the Image 2 dialogue box. You can proceed to do this for however many images you have open.

Now you can compare your outputs as they will have a standardised legend.

Activity: Close all the windows you have open and create new images for each variable (mean, minimum and maximum temperature (if you already did precipitation) and link the images for comparative purposes.

This will take some time and concentration. Do each variable as a separate project i.e. open and standardise the legend for mean temperature, then close that project and do maximum temperature and so on.