Spot Values

Sometimes you will want to check the spot values on spatial images and to do this in a consistent manner – i.e. exactly the same spot of multiple images. This can be done by right clicking on the spot of your choice on the first map. A small dialogue box will appear.Click on Add Query Point.

As you click on the spots for which you want site data click on the map to add to it to the query box and a new dialogue box will appear. You can either cancel the point by closing the box by clicking on the X in the top left of the box or you can click on which will add the data for that point to the table below.

You can also copy the dialogue box so that the data becomes available in a text format as seen below (simply click on Copy and paste it into a word program):

To find the values for exactly the same spots on a second, third or more images (that are already open), click on the tool and the list of open images will appear. Click on the image that you wish the corresponding data for and it will be generated. The values will appear in a similar, new dialogue box at the bottom of the second image. This can be done for several images if you wish.

The data can be easily exported to another program by clicking on the icon. They can then be pasted in Excel or a similar program for graphing and further analysis.

You can also learn more about the area of concern by clicking on the Open in Mapping Service and the site will display in Google Maps!