Sort data

This option will sort the time series data based on a user's choice.

Activity: sorting data

This powerful little tool permits the user to manipulate data in a number of ways.


It is best to start with a simple function such as sorting precipitation from descending value (this will put the greatest event at the top and all the -999.00 at the bottom). Choose Precip (mm) from the left hand side and using the arrow in the middle direct it to the right hand side. Then click on the arrow just in front of the Precip (mm) label to define how you wish the data to be sorted. With the wide portion of the arrow at the top and the arrow pointing down the greatest values will be displayed at the top of the table. Click on sort and then you can view, graph and export your sorted data.

The functionality of this tool is extensive. Please take time now to work with your data in a creative way. Think about how sorted data may be used to explain certain phenomena?

You can also sort perturbed data for comparison purposes.