Saving Your Outputs

To do this, follow these directions . . .

1] When you have the desired output on your screen simply press the PrtSc (print screen button) on your keyboard.

2] Go to Start menu of windows and toggle to the open program icons and choose paint (usually under accessories).

3] Either do a Ctr C (for paste – the PrtSc image will be displayed) or use the pull down menu and under edit choose paste.

4] With the printed screen in the dialogue box use the select tool to drag a rectangle around the part of the Prt Scr you wish to capture for a report or PowerPoint presentation.

5] After highlighting the part you desire click on Ctrl C or use the drop down menu and under edit and select Copy.

6] Open your target document. For our purposes open a blank document in Word and either use Ctrl V or choose Paste from the drop down edit menu. Your selected image should be displayed.

Experiment by capturing several images from SimCLIM and placing them in a work document or PowerPoint presentation.

This process can be used at any point to ‘capture’ images in SimCLIM for use in reports or PowerPoint presentations.

You may have an alternative image capture program installed on your computer – such as SnagIt or SnipIt. You may use it as an alternative to PrtSc.

Using the Clipboard Function

Activity: capturing images in the clipboard for use in other programs.

1] Click on a table for any scenario produced for temperature, CO2 or sea level.

2] Click on the save to capture copy icon in the left margin toolbar .

3] Move the mouse around the screen and look for various dialogue boxes to be highlighted. Note: move slowly as the highlighting can be very fast and you could miss what you wish to capture. You can capture the whole screen of SimCLIM 4.0 for Desktop to individual parts.

4] Click on a segment of the screen that interests you.

5] Open a blank word document and press Ctrl V or choose the Edit menu and click paste. What you had captured from the clipboard should appear.

6] Repeat this process several times to become familiar with the capacity. Remember each time you click on save to clipboard your previous save is discarded and replaced with your most recent.