Re-using site sets

Use the Load set (and Save set) buttons to re-use a set of data point locations. A data point set is a simple CSV file which can be edited or added (ingested) by using a text editor or Excel.

Saving a set

Add one or more data points to the Data points list. Click the "Save set" button and specify a file name.

Loading a set

Click the "Load set" button and browse to a CSV file containing data points. It can either be a file created by using the Save set function, or it can be a file manually created.

To define a set of data points manually, create a CSV file with the columns: NAME, LON and LAT, and a row for each data point. See below for an example of a properly formatted file:


"Site 1","114.3750","33.7500"

"Site 2","16.8750","7.5000"

"Site 3","-63.7500","-33.7500"