As SimCLIM is developed, certain functions and features may be updated or replaced. For a period of time, the old (legacy) functionality is retained and can be re-enabled should the need arise (for example, is a problem or incomparability issue is found, or if a new feature is missing a function available in the legacy version).

Current legacy functions available

The current functionality can be re-enabled:

  • DSSAT Perturb - The DSSAT Perturbation functionality has been replaced with our separate DSSAT Perturb product. Selecting this option will restore the previous DSSAT Perturbation tool.
  • Map Viewer - The Map Viewer is a complete re-write of the map viewing functionality of SimCLIM. Certain image manipulation tools (such as the Map Calculator) are not currently available for use with the Map Viewer. Selecting this option will use the previous SimCLIM Image Viewer when generating scenarios.
  • Scenario Generator - The scenario generator has been re-written to make use of multiple threads, providing a significant improvement in performance on modern systems with multiple CPU cores and SSD hard-drives.  Selecting this option will restore the previous scenario generator.

Re-enabling previous functions

To re-enable old or replaced functionality follow the following instructions:

  1. Open the Options dialog box by selecting the Tools -> Options menu item in the SimCLIM main window.
  2. Open the Advanced tab.
  3. Place a check-mark next to the legacy function(s) you'd like to restore.