Reclassify Images

Activity: Reclassify images. Often the legend that is produced with SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop is not appropriate for the end users needs. The reclassifying tool provides the end user with the opportunity to customise the units for display and to label them as required.

Note: We will now look at reclassifying images. This process MUST be done (if it going to be done) before images are linked and it MUST be done in a consistent manner!

With any image open (i.e. produce a scenario map of your choice for a study area and variable), perhaps a rainfall image would be easiest to work with to start, click on the reclassify image tool in the left margin toolbar .

Change the number of classes to 4 by either entering the number directly in the box or by toggling up (or down).

As you add a new class the range is redistributed evenly. You can also redefine these manually. At this point let them be automatically allocated a value.

You can now rename the classes. First you must unselect the Use range as class name box so that you can

add text.

When you have completed this click on Reclass and view your new image.

If you wish to reclass the image again you will need to reconstruct the original image to do so (using the scenario generator).

Try to reclass several images (for different variables) before proceeding to the next activity. This will require you to produce more scenarios which is good practice.

Activity: Customised values.

Be sure to enter customised values. You will need to leave the lowest value and highest values intact. The other values can be changed to suit your needs. See the box below for an example.