Select print  from the toolbar at the top. The following dialogue box will be displayed.

Take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the printing options dialogue box.

1] Click on Setup and define the target printer.

2] Choose your paper size and whether it is portrait or landscape.

3] Click OK to return to the main dialogue box.

4] Toggle between Portrait and Landscape to explore how the display is changed.

5] Click on the various margins and to see how the image is manipulated.

6] Click on reset margins after you have altered them and see how the image is resized.  

7] Toggle between having the margins viewable and not by clicking and unclicking the view margins box.

8] Click and unclick the smooth and proportional boxes and slide the Detail bar between Normal and More.

At some point in your work you may wish to alter the outputs using these tools. Please take time now to familiarise yourself with the range of options.

When you have printed or finished exploring click close.