Scenario options

Use this section to define the marine variable of interest, which patterns to include in the scenario, which months to include in the scenario and which RCP to use. A map will be generated and the GCM value of any added data points will be updated with any changes to these options.

Data points

This section contains a list of data points and a map. The map displays the current result of a scenario generation (based on the specific scenario options) for the year 2100 and also displays a white dot for each added data point. The map can be clicked to add a data point.

The map can be zoomed or panned like the any Map Viewer window. See the Navigating the map topic for more information.

Action buttons

Use the three buttons at the bottom of the window (GCM Values, Load (monthly), Load (yearly)) to generate results. The results for the locations signified by the white dots will be generated.