Note: these instructions are provided for advanced use only, and are relevant only to users making use of multiple data folders.

The Area Manager lets you open “Area Tree Index files” (usually named Areas.dat) stored in locations other than the default location. It is also possible open these files referencing an alternative data folder, other than folder configured for use in SimCLIM 4.0 for Desktop.

To open an Area Tree Index file, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Area Manager window click File -> Open.
  2. An Open File browser dialog will be displayed. Locate the Areas.dat file you wish to open and click Open.
  3. Another dialog will be displayed. Specify the data folder you wish to use and click OK. If you select the “Use another data folder” checkbox, click Browse to specify the data folder you wish to use.
  4. Click OK. The opened Area Tree Index will be displayed.

Note: Any saved changes will apply to the specified Area Tree Index file and will not be reflected in SimCLIM 4.0 for Desktop.