Manual Zoom

Occasionally you may wish to zoom into multiple images and have them all displayed to exactly the same coordinates. To achieve this use the manual zoom function from the toolkit toolbar. With an image open click on the icon and a panel with four coordinates becomes available.

Left click on the map to define your top, bottom, left and right coordinates. For example, we will create a special zoomed in area for Southern India. With the entire map of India open we clicked on the left edge of the area we wanted along with the top, right and bottom. These query boxes are displayed in that order below:

From these boxes you ‘harvest’ the corners of the zoomed area. The left margin = X 70.45, the top is Y=16.09, the right side is X = 82.28 and the bottom is X = 7.59. (X = longitude and Y = latitude)!

Click on the icon to name the zoomed area as a favourite and to view and manage other favourites.

Before applying the saved coordinates to a new map of the same region have a look at the other options such as Organize Favourites:

Here you can either delete favourites or rename them.

You can now go to a map of all of India, click on manual zoom and go to your favourites and click on Southern India:

This function can be applied to many images of, for example India, so you are always working with the same area.