Sometimes it is necessary to create site data for an already present data site that has a different data temporal resolution. For example you may have daily data in a site data file but you need monthly data for the same site. This can be easily achieved by following a two step process: creating a  new site by inheriting the location information from the already present file; and secondly, by then using the aggregate tool to add the data at the resolution required to the new file.

To begin open the site data manager:

Choose what type of aggregation resolution you are going to create: daily (from hourly) or monthly (from daily). Click on the folder you wish in this case. DO NOT TYPE IN A SITE NAME if you wish to inherit the location information from another site. Click on and then  

Then click on .

You can click on any one of the dropdown choices.

Double click on the site of choice.

The name and latitude and longitude of the clicked on site will be displayed. Now you can replace the name with the name of your new site that will be in the monthly folder. Be sure to check the specify location on local map if you wish the site to be available on the map in the data browser etc. Click on .

Then close the New Monthly Site window.

When back in the Manage Site window find the new site in the monthly folder. Right click on it and choose aggregate.

The following window will pop up:

Choose . The aggregate dialogue box will appear. Now you can add data to the new monthly data site. Choose the site you are going to AGGREGATE FROM.

Right click on the site you wish to aggregate from and the aggregate choice appears and you should click on it.

You wish to aggregate to Rangeville so choose existing site (created above) to aggregate to.

Use the default data type and click .

Click on Apply and Okay and your new data site will have been created. Go to the site data browser to view the new data.

In this case you are going to aggregate to an existing site: Rangeville.

Monthly and type in the name of your new site. It can be the name of an already present site but you might wish to add a signifier like Rangville_daily if there is already a Rangville monthly file.

Now that you ha