The Model Explorer provides a friendly interface to manage all the SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop compatible impact models in your computer. The impact models can be developed as a plug-in file (*.bpl) or a dynamic link library file (*.dll). You can remove impact models already installed for SimCLIM or to licence a new impact model when it becomes available from your computer (see registering SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop section). 

To open the Impact Model Explorer right click in the main SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop window and choose the Impact Model Explorer from the Impact Model submenu.

When you click on the link the following dialogue box will be displayed. What is included in your display will vary depending on what version of SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop you are running and which of the optional impact models you have loaded on your system.

From this dialogue box you can launch the impact model. Be careful to have chosen a study area from the top right portion of the window before starting your impact model. It is critical that the area chosen has the required data in the system to run. Not all areas will support all the models.

Another function of the Model Explorer window is to provide access to the tools. Click on the links in the lower left-hand corner of the Impact Model Management window.

This is where you check on the status of your impact models and register new ones (covered elsewhere). Again, your display could look different than that shown depending on what impact models you requested and have loaded.