Finalising Your Display Colours

One of the last things you will do before exporting your images for another presentation is setting your display colours in your legend. It is critical that you ‘communicate’ the climate message and hence your choice of colours can be critical. SimCLIM 4.0 for Desktop offers you many choices through the Edit Palette For Active Windows function in the toolkit toolbar.

With an image open and active (on the top of other images) click on the palette icon .

The following window (with different colours depending on your active window) will be displayed.

You have several options for customising your colours:

1] Highlight one colour by clicking on it and then click on Pick to select from a range of colours.

2] Highlight one colour by clicking on it and then slide the red, green or blue slide bars to the left or right to produce the colour of your choice.

3] You can also expand the range at this point by adding an additional colour. Try this and see how it alters your legend and select and additional colour.

The Palette tool offers the user many options. It is worth spending a little bit of time now exploring them.