Sea Level Rise Ensemble

Choose site specific sea level scenario generator and like the terrestrial scenario generator click on the GCMs you wish to include in your ensemble and proceed to create an output.

Explanation of the perceived inconsistency in global SLR values for 2050 between RCP4.5 and RCP6.0

The numbers are directly taken from the AR5 WG1 report

Indeed 2050 shows 17-23-29 for RCP4.5 vs. 16-22-28 for RCP6.0.

The two RCP’s are fairly similar, with differences in timing of the usage of various energy-sources and implementation of policies. This results in short periods where the RCP4.5 CO2 emissions and concentrations are slightly higher than the RCP6.0 values, resulting in slightly higher temperatures and sea levels between 2035 and 2055. It is only after 2060 that RCP6.0 is rising quicker than RCP4.5.

This is the result of choices made by IPCC regarding the definition and implementation of RCP4.x and RPC6.0 not choices made by CLIMsystems for application in SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop.