Editing the display of raster layers

The display options for a raster layer (Scenario layer, Idrisi Image or ArcGRID ASCII) can be modified in many ways to change how it is rendered.

  1. Locate the layer you’d like to change in the Layers panel and open its Layer Properties dialog.
  2. Select the “Raster display” option from the list of property pages.
  3. There are four tabs (Gradient, Multipart Gradient, Classified, Basic palette) which let you choose which type of rendering method you would like to use.
    • Gradient: This is the default render type. Select two or more colours to specify a gradient colour scheme for the min to max values from the image data. Use the gradient editor control to add, delete, move and change colours. This method can produce great looking images that also convey detailed information about the data.

    • Multipart Gradient: Specify multiple gradients for multiple different ranges.
    • Classified: Lets you pick a set of colours. Each colour represents a range of values on the map (e.g. -10 to 5 should be blue, 5 to 10 should be red, 10 to 50 should be green, etc).

    • Basic palette: Lets you pick a set of colours that are evenly distributed through the min to max value range of the image data. This is how how images are displayed by the image viewer in SimCLIM prior to version 4.x.