When an area is selected on the Area Index Tree, its details are displayed on the Details sidebar.

The following fields can be edited:

  • Name – the name of the area as displayed in the tree. Renaming this does not rename the data folder the item is associated with.
  • Type – the type of area. A list of possible values is provided (e.g. Country, State, Region). The Type specifies the colour of the icon in the tree. The type is cosmetic only and does not affect how areas are used within SimCLIM 4.0 for Desktop.
  • Parent – shows the name of the area that selected area is a member of. Click the ellipse (…) button to move the area to a new parent area.

If multiple areas are selected, only the Type field can be changed (and will apply to all selected areas).

The Details sidebar also displays information about the area (obtained by examining the area folder), such as:

  • Geo information – obtained by reading the “cookie” file associated with the area.
  • Available variables – contains a list of baseline variables provided with the area.
  • Patterns – contains a list of patterns provided with the area.
  • Read me – if a readme file is provided with the area, an “Open readme” link is provided (click it to view the readme in a text editor).