Trainee: Have you ever done similar analyses on performance of cooling systems before? Any “cool” tips or tricks you came up with that SimCLIM 4.0 fopr Desktop can do?

CLIMsystems: I would definitely use the degree day modelling (site-specific). Energy requirements scale linearly with the degree day sums (i.e. factor of 2 increase in degree day sum under climate change will cause a doubling of the energy required to cool to the same target temperature). The tricky part will be to select the "Base temperature" (the value above which the degrees are summed). I would start with 25 (as a target temperature for train carriages (the case being considered)) and maybe do some sensitivity analysis (26 and 27) (also as an adaptation option for the council: have a slightly higher temperature in the carriages as people respond mostly to temperature differences, so with an increase in ambient temperatures a slightly higher indoor temperature is acceptable).