The boundary shape file defines visually the coastline, state and local government boundaries – essential for visual context when using the mapping outputs.

When you generate a new area of interest, it does not load the boundary shape file automatically.

This is confusing as you can not see the jurisdictional boundaries or the coast line.

To fix this you need to copy the shapefile and associated files to the generate area. Figure 1

1) Click ‘Manage Areas” button

2) Click open data folder (top right)

3) Go to the larger area from which you created the sub area of interest (in this case NSW). The folder name will be the labelled with the name you entered in the Abbreviation field in the “Generate New Area” dialogue box  (see section directly above)

4) Copy the boundary files and paste them in the area of interest data file.

5) Your area will now always load with boundary files.

            1. – adding missing boundary file to newly created study area