The Area Manager allows you to add, import, delete and manage the Area Tree Index and the data folders and files stored in the SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop data folder.

The Area Tree Index represented in SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop as the Areas Drop Down list, and is important not just to make finding and selecting work areas easier, but also because certain functions within SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop can “climb” the tree to find data. It is recommended that sub-areas (e.g. regions, states, cities) be properly placed within their geographic parent area (e.g. a country). For example:

The Area Manager can be started from within SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop, either by clicking the “Manage Areas” icon on the toolbar or by clicking Management -> Manage Areas in the SimCLIM 4.x for Desktop main menu.

The following image indicates the various user interface elements of the Area Manager window: