A .sdpkg file is a bundled site data package that has been created in SimCLIM 4.0 for Desktop to ease the sharing of such data with other users.

To create one simply go to Manage Sites in SimCLIM and click on Export:

Click on the temporal resolution of the sites you wish to consider exporting - in this case daily was chosen:

Click on the sites you wish to export or use the check/uncheck items as this may save you some time if you have many sites to consider. Then click on Export.

Your file explorer will open and you create a folder or navigate to a folder where you wish to save the site data package.

Name the file and save it. It can now be shred with others and imported as described below.

Importing a Site Data Package

1. Save the "sites.sdpkg" attachment to your computer (e.g. on your Desktop).
2. Open the SimCLIM 4.0 for Desktop application.

3. On the toolbar, click the "Manage sites" icon

4. In the "Manage Sites" window, click the "Import" button and select the "Sites.sdpkg" file. The Import window will appear.

5. Click either the daily, hourly, monthly etc to see what data is in the package. When data names appear in the right panel click the "Check/uncheck items" button and select "Check all".

6. Click "Import". You can see all the site data import in the tab. Click on any site to see relevant information. For example: Lat- Long and climate variables provided. You can also add, edit or delete a variable.

7. Click OK to close the Manage Sites window and save changes. The data should now be available in the Data Browser and Extreme Event functions in SimCLIM.

8. Click on the site data browser. The Data browser dialog box will open.

9. Change the data type to monthly or daily depending on the type of data you are interested in and select your site from the list. Then click load data.

10. The data will appear in your data browser where you can sort and do analysis.