Appreciation is extended to Dr Yinpeng Li, Dr Chonghua Yin, Dr Meng Wang, and Mr. Matthew Dooley of CLIMsystems Ltd for their considerable contributions to the development of SimCLIM. It has been a monumental effort working with the copious amount of data presented as part of the CMIP5 database and the latest CORDEX data. The team has worked tirelessly over several years at downloading and assessing the CMIP5 and Cordex data and working with the Scientific Advisory Group of CLIMsystems in the application of the RCP data and writing of manuals to assist you the end users in understanding how climate modelling is done and the limitations and uncertainties involved.

The team at CLIMsystems strives to demystify the complex world of climate modelling and to make available practical and scientifically robust tools for application in the real world of planning, policy making and infrastructure design across numerous sectors. We continue to evolve our practices and expand our products and services and to do this most effectively we require feedback from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with praise or criticism or ideas for new functionality.  

In some versions used in the USA the PRECIS data set has been incorporated. For Australia BOM historical time series data is included.