The first step in any adaption project is a risk assessment. We offer a unique service for gaining a rapid understanding of your place and its potential exposure to the risks posed by climate change. The report that is generated covers temperature and precipitation and sea level rise if it pertains to your place (not every urban area has exposure to risks represented by sea level rise). One of the key elements of the report is a list of cities of like climate today and those that today possesses a climate that your place could experience by 2050.

Parameters of the Report


  • Increase in monthly and annual average daily maximum temperature
  • Increase in number of days over threshold
  • Increase in extreme temperature for 5-day event
  • Increase in degree-days over threshold, as change-factor


  • Monthly and annual change in precipitation
  • Increase in magnitude of daily extremes (%change) for different return periods
  • Sea level rise
  • Change in windspeed
  • Climate comparable cities
  • Cities with the current climate of your city
  • Cities with the future climate of your city

Your report will be generated by the climate scientists at CLIMsystems using the very latest CMIP5 data and methods. The report will include details on what data was applied so you will have confidence in the underlying science. It will also include robust description of what parameter is being examined and its significance. See our list of project experience short stories here.

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